About our Blog and Philosophy

Welcome to our Blog. Lookie lous were born out of my personal frustration with the reading glasses problem. I have found that the problem is not that I cannot read as well as I once did, the problem was, I never had my reading glasses when I needed my reading glasses.

It happened overnight. One day I could read the correct dosage of Tylenol for my youngest and the next day I could not. I tried putting the bottle directly under the light and trying to read the instructions with no avail. I halved the pill and hoped I wasn’t hurting her liver. Lucky for me it was a good guess.

Years ago, my friend Wanda, put a pair of eyeglasses for reading on my desk. They were oval shaped and rimmed with wire. I thought eyeglasses for reading? Why does she think I need eyeglasses for reading … this is part of it..she saw it coming, I didn’t. I needed eyeglasses for reading.

I have not seen any of aging coming. The strange layer of bubbly looking fat all over my body, the thinning hair, the anti elastic skin it all came overnight. I am 47. Now it’s anti aging, anti aging, anti aging mixed with a dose of, enjoying what I have now because it’s not getting any better.

I tried Bi focals. I guess you are supposed to have regular vision on top and magnifying lens on the bottom. First off I do not like the name BI FOCAL, I am for the most part not a BI kind of gal. It also just sounds old. I prefer newer, modern terms like reading glasses. I felt like I was an actress in a play, I am an unhappy secretary or disapproving mother. Staring downward all the time creates a mood. Look down your nose, it’s a very snooty way of being. Bi focals were just not for me.

Where to buy reading glasses, is not a problem. They are everywhere. It’s like the best category ever. Where to buy reading glasses? Seriously? You can find readers easier than milk. Gas stations, book stores, grocery stores. Where to buy readers is not the question. The question is, what readers to buy? This is only the beginning. I am opening up a huge can of reading glasses worms.