Bifocal Technology (from WDAY News 6)

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Bifocal Technology (from WDAY News 6)

A new technology in eyewear is now available in the area. These new glasses will replace bifocals through liquid crystals that electronically focus the lenses. They are the first electronic focusing eyewear ever. With a touch or a swipe of the temple, three modes of operation activate. They zone up for up close reading, and they will near focus with an up and down movement of the head.

Dr. Blaine Zieman – Optometrist: “Some of the dilemmas with bifocals of the past are when you are stepping up on curbs and walking up and down steps there is always some swim, there is a little bit peripheral distortion and this really takes care of a lot of that.”

These glasses charge just like a cell phone on a charger and cost around $1,000.

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