I never anticipated that Luxottica would have an impact on my ability to build lookie lous® the company.

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Amazing how in almost every neighborhood there is a Luxottica owned store, not buying our innovative product. The shame is the market is also almost stagnant in it’s approach to eyewear. Classic retro designs have been in vogue since the 80′s (Risky Business). Where is the innovation? My hat is off to exciting designers at Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs for offering up new futuristic eyewear not yet being produced by Luxottica. This piece makes Luxottica out to be the bully in the Oakley eyewear segment. What they did not reveal was the purchase price? Luxottica paid 2.1 billion for the brand. I think the shareholders were not too upset to sell. Stock rose that day.

Interesting that the Luxottica spokesman said that their biggest competition in the US are Cosco and Walmart, two stores I was thinking I should never sell to. I sent samples to Cosco last week.


Check out this 60 Minutes segment to find out information about Luxottica you may have not known: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7424700n

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  1. I knew the name Luxottica from my days working at Chanel. I knew they made their sunglasses and several other high end brands but before seeing this report I had no idea the almost complete monopoly they have on the market.
    It is nice to hear the other side of the story, too.
    I wouldn’t mind being bullied into a couple of billion dollar sale!

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