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IMG_0232I am Kelly Coty, Canadian living in the states since 77. I was a Val. Worked in the garment district in Los Angeles in my 20′s and then married a guy from Nashville. I started the first home staging company in Nashville, and honed some awesome design skills. Then I stumbled on to an idea, sold the staging company and here we are.

I am the inventor of these cool glasses. I often joke that I started a company based on my own need for reading glasses that I wouldn’t lose. I literally had pairs of reading glasses all over my house but whenever I needed to read, they were never there.

The thought hit me one day after I had been picking up the house. My girls always leave their bows, hairpins, hair ties and hairbands all over the house. As I am cleaning I wrap the hair ties around my wrist, stick the barrettes in my hair and so on. This particular day I was donning my crazy Mom cleaning look with a plastic hairband and several barrettes when I got called to my desk. I needed my readers and on par they were not at my desk. I immediately reached for the hairband thinking it was my readers and the idea hit me..If you put magnifiers in a hairband you would always have your readers when you needed them.

I think normal people have good ideas all the time, but I am far from normal. I saw nothing wrong with basically selling the farm and starting an eyewear company. Can I say at this time I did not even know how reading glasses worked!

I have to say that I never wear traditional readers. I wear my lookie lous 24/7 and am very proud to have the patent on the product and taken it this far.

I do not refer to lookie lous as my child, I refer to my children as my children who are also my best friends. Max 22, Audrey, 20 and Mallory 12.


  1. Good morning! I met you and your daughter at the Macy’s Clinique counter yesterday afternoon. To say I was impressed with your glasses would be an understatement! I am in my office now talking about them to my co-workers! I took a look at your web site and see we have had similar paths in life!! I am actually heading to L.A. to work at Paramount Studios for a couple weeks the first part of September and I can just bet they will be nuts for them out there. Especially in the Mill Works office where finding their readers is a game for those guys!
    Where are you located? I’d love to come by and see your showroom.


  2. I would love to sell Lookie Lous in UK, Ireland, and Channel Islands also Scandinavia and Holland, all are areas my website covers can you tell me how I can go about stocking for retail. Would also be interested in wholesale if available as I act as trade agent for company Jimmy Crystal New York
    Best wishes

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