Lookie lous gets some love

Posted by on February 12, 2012 in Lookie Here: Updates & News | 0 comments

Since the article in the Tennessean last Sunday I have had so many interesting things happen. I love that I am getting to know a lot of new people through this endeavor. I spoke to a female entrepreneur who has an amazing invention. What was really great is that she had so many ideas for Lookie lous. I have a lovely local business women that has taken a special interest in Lookies, while she certainly does not need to she is giving me her time and her contacts. She loves our reader sunglasses but would like us to do regular sunglasses as well. I spoke with Michael Burcham at the Entrepreneur Center here in Nashville. We talked about coordinating a consumer products area down there to help more inventors like myself.  I was also e mailed by a surgical nurse, again who has taken an interest in Lookie lous. She filled me with idea’s for selling nurses, physicians and researchers.

I also heard from some of my retailers this week, they are selling!!!

I am super thankful to all that reached out to me. It helps as I nurture this newborn.



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