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Don't be afraid to fully live your one life and be your true self. It is the key to happiness and a life well lived.

Don’t be afraid to fully live your one life and be your true self. It is the key to happiness and a life well lived.

I’ve all but stopped posting anything personal on Facebook, aka, the BIG Homogenizer.

We are becoming pasteurized and homogenized at lightening speed. Before the internet we had PRIVACY. Now our every thought, image and action is You Tubed Twittered and FB’s to the point we could be running naked down 5th Avenue at noon and we would be less exposed to the world.
And vulnerable…..job, school, family, friends; nothing is sacred and no one is spared. In fact I think the distance and anonymity of the whole platform removes us just one step further away from real human interaction and just far enough to allow some of us to vent our unhappiness and frustrations pretty randomly and with total disregard to others. People are lashing out in ways we never would dare to a person in flesh in blood…except maybe on Jerry Springer or unless your packing a gun in an elementary school (or post office or court house…but that’s a different discussion).

And true not everybody likes your successes. They can’t have what you have (money, hot boyfriend, skinny butt, etc…) so they want you to have what they do…(stress, no BF hot or otherwise and a food addiction causing obesity…). They are burning up with envy and now there is an anonymous and impersonal way to let you know just how they feel. Trolls. People are frustrated with the drivel of their lives but instead of changing themselves, they blast anyone who dares live otherwise. Status quo is so familiar; it’s easier to stay the same and tear others down instead. Fear of change is great.

Soon we will all be vanilla flavored. Except for the man who had sex with a horse and died from it. Can you believe that story was the blog entry on Word Press that had the most activity. Ever? Is this is what people are curious about as long as they have anonymity?

We filter ourselves on social media to please or provoke, to hide this aspect of ourselves from some, show more than we normally would to others…have ‘friends’ we don’t even know and unfriend ex-lovers and current girls friends for faux pas both real and imagined. We rant about subjects we normally would care nothing about, embody causes we normally wouldn’t notice and expose ourselves way too much on all fronts (google yourself lately?). End result that I see more and more is that we are slowly becoming less and less of our real true selves.

What to do? Who knows, these are just observations and random thoughts.
That is how this blog rolls…..And so I grab my Lookie Lous reading glasses hairband and a good book and I disconnect from the connection online. I make the effort to call and talk or see someone in person. There is nothing like he human connection.

-Kristie Layne

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Throw Out Your Reading Glasses and Start Dating!

Can’t read restaurant menus? Maybe you need reading glasses. Yes, it happens to the best of us.
In tales of vanity, reading glasses make you look 100yrs. old, so you hide them but are forever doomed to order the daily special!

It’s another beautiful day in Paradise, Las Vegas. I am an empty nester.
I mean the nest is empty, really. The husband is gone and even the dog died, RIP faithful friend.
I am living alone for the first time in ages, a newly single woman after many years lived as a married one. I am finding that life is sometimes weird in new ways.
Case in point: the whole dating scene. Here in Vegas it’s interesting because the city attracts so many transients. I go to meet ups that I organize through an online travel community, attend local business networking events, peruse dating websites and belt out a tune or two at the local karaoke bar. My social circle includes lots of interesting people from various backgrounds. I try to be as much of my true self around others as possible.

To ‘be’ your ‘self’ you must first ‘know’ your ‘self’, right? Well I think I’ve figured out a few things about my’self’ and one of them is that I HATE to be seen in public in reading glasses! (Too ‘self’ conscious!) And I hate, when on dates, to have to pull them out. But I’m all but blind to read anything without them, so what to do?

Well the most fun thing I’ve done recently was something I really never thought could even make me smile.
About the time I started needing to wear reading glasses, Lookie Lous reading glasses hairband was invented by Kelly Coty of Nashville and I started wearing them. Thank goodness I could toss out my old reading glasses and still see the fine print. All while looking sexy at the same time. Bring on the dinner dates!
Before I discovered Lookies, I used to struggle and squint or get young children to read for me. If I was going out to eat, I’d call the restaurant ahead of time to know the menu so I wouldn’t have to try to read it once I got there. Now, I proudly wear my Lookie Lous readers. They are so unique everybody wants to know where to buy them. What a cool uni-sexy ‘readerband’ alternative to traditional reading glasses.

So even if the weirdness of dating remains at least the challenge of old lady reading glasses is resolved, so it’s off I go.
Now throw away your reading glasses, get some Lookie Lous and go get yourself a date.

Have a beautiful day,
from Paradise, Las Vegas

Sexy reading glasses Finally!!! Sun readers so handy and sleek at the pool or beach!! Almost invisible in her gorgeous hair. Lightwieght and handy on the beach, at the pool or to hold your hair back off your pretty face![/caption]

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What is IndieGoGo?

For those of you curious about the site were currently utilizing to introduce the new lookie lous sunglasses, here’s a quick explanation:

Indiegogo is an international crowdfunding site where anyone can raise money for film, music, art, … it is like Kickstarter, just open to many more types of ventures. It’s better than a fundraiser because it allows you, the contributors, to be apart of the process with updates and interaction with the person creating the idea or product. Best of all, it’s a way to support entrepreneurship and innovative ideas!

If all my friends did a $50.00 contribution, I would hit my goal and you would have 2 Christmas gifts knocked out!

You get 2 pair of lookie lous, either readers or sunglasses, at a $80.00 value!


Check out the rewards you can get for any contribution of $10 or more (the first two symbols are for a personal thank you note and lookie lous logo sticker):


Check out the details of the campaign and contribute now > http://www.indiegogo.com/lookielous
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Berry Eyecare and Optical


This is Berry Eyecare,  owned by Dr. Amanda Berry. She has a wonderful practice in Green Hills here in Nashville. This is a little jewel box design I did for her practice a couple of years ago. Such a nice mix of modern and vintage that works well with her lovely collection of eyewear. Here you can see my love for color and colored glass. I used vinyl backed plexiglass to achieve the bright colored panels. The signage artwork was created by my then associate Corey Stephens. The modern eyewear holders are from BN industries.  Super proud of the design. Oh…and she sells lookie lous®!!


Visit her site for more information on the practice: http://www.berryeyecare.com/


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lookie lous® Make the Perfect Gift for the Athlete on Your List

With 8 lens colors available in lookie lous® sunglasses, you could rock a different color everyday of the week! lookie lous® sunglasses are zero diopter strength for those looking for UV protection without correction. Another great benefit to the colored lenses are their different color enhancing and light filtering abilities–especially during athletic activities. This makes lookie lous® a great gift for the sporty gal or guy on your holiday gift list. Are they into golfing, cycling or running? The London Gray lookie lous® are the perfect pick. Golfers as well as tennis and baseball players benefit from the reduction of eyestrain with Nashville Green lookie lous®. Outdoor sports players (think  fishing, baseball, golfing, hunting, cycling, and water sports) would love the brown tint from Los Angeles Sand lookie lous®. Paris Pink lookie lous® are perfect for the skier or snowboarder as well as any one who enjoys a little competitive online shopping (they help reduce eyestrain from looking at the computer too long).

Right now, the full line of 8 colors in lookie lous® sunglasses are only available for purchase through our Indiegogo campaign. Plus, you have the chance to snag them at less than retail price! Check it out now: http://www.indiegogo.com/lookielous

sources: http://vision.about.com/od/eyehealthandsafety/qt/Tints_Guide.htm



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