The Short Story of a Long Road

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I like to wear my Lookie Lous 's around my neck!

I like to wear my Lookie Lous around my neck!

My name is Kristie Layne and I talk a lot.
Just ask anyone who knows me or any of my former teachers. I am the kind of chatterbox who either gets in trouble at school for talking too much or gets her own talk show. So, I will use my skills as Chatty Cathy (remember that doll?) to try to brighten your day with a kind thought, inspire you to look your best (wearing Lookie Lous of course) and inform you about trends in fashion and optical care news.

I’m originally from Las Vegas and live there now. Yes, there are people who really are from Vegas! hehehe… My grandmother came here when my mother was a small and my son lives here too, so I guess we are going on four generations. Las Vegas is a great place to live, where life is affordable, lots of friends and total strangers come to visit and there is an endless stream of things to do 24 hrs. a day. Growing up I had a horse and a best friend and that’s who I spent my free time with.

I lived in Mexico for a year as a small girl and as a grown one I have also lived in Paris, NY, LA and backpacked for a year through southeast Asia and recently spent a year in China. I will spare you adventure stories, but needless to say that these are beautiful life changing experiences. I feel strongly about the benefits of traveling to get the best look at the world we live in and the different cultures and peoples living in it. I have traveled to 36 countries and have many more yet to see.
Speak of ‘seeing’ and my thoughts turn to Lookie Lous readerband reading glasses (which BTW are GREAT for traveling!)

As you age and font size gets ever smaller, there is a need for reading glasses. Even more for some that you can actually find when you need them and referably some reading glasses that don’t make you look 100 years old! One pf the reasons why I love Lookie Lous sun readerbands. Sunglass reading glasses are something I use a lot at the pool or at the beach to read books or magazines. In the summer I often keep my hair off my face with hairbands, too. I am just too self conscious to wear ‘magnifying’ reading glasses. Before Lookie Lous I would prefer just not try to read (no matter how important the subject was) rather than to pull out dowdy old reading glasses. Even rimless reading glasses don’t cut it! The best reading glasses to me are INVISIBLE! And that’s why I love, love, love Lookie Lous: they are almost ‘not there’!

If you or someone you know need reading glasses or likes fashion eyewear, BE HAPPY! You too can wear Lookie Lous.

So you ‘see’ how beautiful life is? You can sing a mean karaoke, look fabulous AND read the titles in the song book (happy face).

And instead of getting in trouble for talking so much, join the ranks of the bloggies.

Hello and welcome to Blog Me Baby One More Time
I hope we will become fast friends!

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