Update from the Lookie Lous land.

Posted by on May 3, 2012 in Lookie Here: Updates & News, My Lookie Life | 0 comments

As people grow, they need glasses. And as people need better glasses, they have a need for convenience. Lookie Lous have a grand design, functioning as both a pair of magnifying reading glasses when the time comes to read, and a headband for keeping the hair away from the face for a classy look. Due to the flexible design, the Lookie Lous have no need for hinges, leaving you with a very comfortable fit, even if you are lying down. Outside, Lookie Lous come in colors that serve as great sunglasses and reading glasses for sunny weather. Everything about the design is classy, from the bifocal reading point, to the slim model design. The rimless glasses design gives the glasses a smooth, rounded look that doesn’t need to bend to fit the face of the user, and the designer look is a spectacular fit for anyone. Lookie Lous come in forms for both men and women, and the hair band look is perfect for anyone on the beach or out and about.

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